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The Story

My Dad had passed in 2013 & I had collected a bunch of fabrics to make him a quilt but he was gone before I got to it.   His favourite thing is fishing.  We would do long weekends dedicated to taking my Dad fishing every year.   So here I was with a collection of fishing-themed fabric.  While I was doing markets in 2017 I thought up doing a customized memorial frame to honour my Dad with those fabrics.   I am still working on the frame for my Dad but this is the beginning.  Stay tuned & enjoy the work so far. 


I know......2017-2023 - some things take a while.  ;)

Most frames are 1-of-a-kind.  Handmade means original to me.

Themed fabric frames 8x10" or 10x10" (with a couple of exceptions but close)  with a 4x6 placeholder for the photo

Use the contact me page for purchases.  These are samples so include the type of frame you are interested in.
I am not a photographer :) 


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