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My name is Julie & I am a hobby quilter and now it's turned into a business with rag quilts rather than traditional quilts.   I work on this from my home in Edmonton, AB. I am a dog-walker and I.T. Tech. I work so much because I don't like to cook & clean.

I have heard I'm pragmatic; it's the truth. I love useful things!

Most of my items are 1 of a kind or limited quantities so you get something original.

Everything is handpicked & handmade by me (maybe a little help here & there from my fam & friends). Many items are my design. I do my best to do my best!

I'm really excited to have my new adventure, FUN FABRIC FRAMES, up and running.  This has been in my head for about 5 years and it's coming to fruition. 

I am also working on having a part-time store in my home for convenience but obviously, the time between my light-bulb moments & it coming true is long.  Stay tuned!  

Please see the WHERE TO FIND MY STUFF page for my market schedule. 


 Alberta On-Line and go from there!

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