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Edmonton, AB

Lastest Products!


My lastest is the NECK COOLER!

Remember that heat this year? In the PERSONAL section in the store!

The KITCHEN BOA which is a great gift idea! I guess you can figure out it's in the KITCHEN section.

Where I'll Be

Wholly Handmade Dec 2021

Dec 11 - 12, 2021

SCARS Craft Fair Nov 21, 2021

Nov 21, 2021

Seba Beach Farmers Market

looking forward to 2022!

Alberta Beach Farmers Market

Christmas Edition Dec 5, 2021

About Me

My name is Julie & I was a hobby quilter but now it's turned into a business. I work on this from my home in Edmonton, AB.

I have heard I'm pragmatic; it's the truth. I love usefull things!

Most of my items are 1 of a kind or limited quantities so you get something original.

Everything is handpicked & handmade by me (maybe a little help here & there from my fam & friends). Many items are my design. I do my best to do my best!